Girls walking on Biokovo mountain


On this summit of mountain Biokovo called Sv. Jure, there is a television broadcasting tower and the building for telecommunication devices.


Also, there is a catholic church of Sv. Jure ( Saint George) which was built in 1969. instead of the previous church which was likely built in 12. century, after baptisam of people who lived on that territory.  The stone plaque that was located above the altar of the old demolished church testifies to this. The church was mentioned in the year 1640, and it was rebuilt through the past on several occasions until it was finally demolished in 1965. On that place now stands TV tower and building. (from: PP Biokovo)


From this summit, you can experience a panoramic view of the territory of Zagora and also the islands. When the weather is extremely clear and beautiful you can also take a good look at the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are panoramic binoculars set at the viewpoint.

Next to the chapel, on the south right side, there is a stone that contains an inscription of mountaintop name, altitude and also a mountaineering stamp embedded in it.


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