The Bukovac is a peak located above a village of Topići, known by its impressive southeastern rock with 400 – 500 meters in height. It is equally visited as a mountaineering and alpinist destination. As an alpinist destination, it is adorned by long directions, mostly flat in the upper side of the rock which provides the most beautiful climb on the whole Biokovo.

About half of the hour of walk from this top, under it, there is a mountain hut Bukovac. The hut is small and brick-built and its located in the forest valley on the northwestern part of Biokovo, between the peak of Šćirovac(known as Miletnja among local people) from the north and Ovčja pola from south side. The hut has a gas cooker, electricity generator, and a tank with water for drinking. Here you can arrange an overnight stay with the local mountaineering association “Pozjat” from the small town of Brela.

Gornja Brela is the starting point of the hike and it takes 3 hours to climb to the top. The trip is very comfortable and not too exhausting. It is pleasant even in the summer because the trail mostly goes through the forest. Half of the hour of walk from the hut there is a viewpoint Ovčja pola (1262m), from which you can see the riviera of Makarska and Omiš, also you can see the central massif of Bikovo. When ascending you can encounter animals such as wild goat and boar.


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