The Kamešnica, a mountain located in the border area of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina lies southwest from Livanjsko polje, and it is part of the Dinara massif. The summit of Kamešnica is Konj at 1856 meters above the sea level.

It extends approximately 20 km in a northwest-southeast direction, between the pass of Vaganj (1173m/asl) on the northwest and the lake of Buško Blato in the southeast.

Konj and Kamešnica (1810m) are the highest peaks which are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made of limestone and it is waterless.

On the southwest, sunny side slopes (Croatia)are made of scarce (rocky) vegetation. The other, less sunny side (Bosnia and Herzegovina) if full of beech, pine tree and spruce forests. The very top is classic Dinaric mountaintop, rocky with little grass bushes, one word – bare. It is marked with concrete stone which contains the name and altitude of the summit. You have a view in all directions from the top.


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Slightly difficult (1000 altitude difference)

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1856 m/asl


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