Kamešnica is a mountain located on the border of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its highest peaks are Konj (1866m), Kamešnica (1809m) and Garjata (1773m) which are located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to the difficult terrain, there are no border marks and the mountain was not affected by the Croatian civil war, so it is safe to hike freely because there are no land mine suspected areas.

Mountains grassy plateaus and clear high beech forests are giving the impression of extremely tame and very beautiful mountain surroundings. The Bosnian side of the mountain is steep and covered with forests, while the Croatian side is tamer and milder, covered with grassy plateaus.

The peak Kamešnica is spacious and grassy. It is hard to figure out where is the actual peak point. It is marked with inscription in the stone, which also contains altitude. Mountaineering stamp is embedded also in the stone.

The view from the top is very beautiful and vivid. You can see the whole Kamešnica ridge and field area of towns, Livno and Sinj. There are beautiful viewpoints from which you can see other mountain tops like Cincar, Tušnica, Vran, Čvrsnica, Zavelim, Matokit, Biokovo, Mosor, Svilaja, Kijevski Bat, Sinjal, Troglav, and Velika Duvjakuša. That view also extends to the part of the Middle Adriatic sea with some of the islands.


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Slightly difficult (900 altitude difference)

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1809 m/asl


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