Korita – Glavaš

Magical areas of mountain Kamešnica
Unforgettable walks in beech and pine tree forests
Visit of mountain shelters and many viewpoints

The Glavaš (1308m) is a secluded peak on the Croatina side of mountain Kamešnica which is visible by height above Gornja Korita. The peak Kruge was considered as the highest top on the Croatian side but later, it was found that that peak was on side of Bosnia and Herzegovina like the other two main peaks, Konj and Kamešnica.

From the top of Glavaš, there is a view that includes mountain Svilaja, Mosor, and Biokovo. Also, you can see the Peruća lake, the town of Sinj and the whole area of town and some of the other tops of mountain Kamešnica. There is a nice view of Blaca and mountain hut in Donja Korita.

The top is marked whit a pile of stones with the wooden cross stuck in it. On one of the larger stones there is an inscription of name and altitude of the top. The mountaineering stamp is destroyed so you need to take a picture.

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