Kozjak is the mountain that surrounds the town of Kaštela on the north side. The southern slope of the mountain is very steep and slopey, and northern rocky slopes are gradually becoming a rolling plateau of Zagora. The meaning of name Kozjak is related to the shape of the very mountain and that fact is well known in Croatian mountaineering, opposite to other, lesser-known, but higher-top that bears the name Veliki Kozjak (1207m) located above Kijevo in Zagora.

Mountain Kozjak extends from Klis mountain range in the east, which divides Kozjak from Mosor mountain. It goes to the west direction all to way to the Malačka pass. The most striking part of Kozjak is the southern rock (16km long) which is the longest in Croatia but very little in height (50-250m).

The name Kozjak is probably a translation of the Greek name for the mountain, for which we found in a nearby town of Trogir. Old greek name for Trogir is Tragurion and “tragos” equals “the goat”.

The highest peak of the coastal Kozjak is Veli vrj (779m) located on the eastern ridge above Kaštel Gomilica. In old literature, we read about the name of the peak: Kozjak or Sveti Luka. On the western side of the ridge is well-known mountaineering hut Malačka with the ridge (466m) next to it which bears the same name. The Sveti Ivan Biranj (631m) is the highest peak of the western part of Kozjak. A little west of that peak, there is a chapel of Saint John, who is celebrated as the patron saint of Kaštel Lukšić.

From the south side of Kozjak, we have Mediterranean flora, while the north side is dominated by sub-Mediterrane flora. The entire Kozjak is intertwined with well-marked hiking trails, and we have four mountain huts there.

Thirty meters before the top we have the stone church dedicated to Saint George built on rampart of a prehistoric castle. Also, there is a metal stamp of HPS on the wall of the church.

There are many antenna systems in the summit area, which diminish the beauty of this place. The top point is highlighted on a smaller rock and the name inscription is almost faded. On the top, views are fascinating, unique on all sides. To the south you see Solin, Split nad islands like in the palm of your hand and on the east, you see peaks of Mosor, Klis and Markezina greda. Look to the north and you see an undulating plateau, to the west, the ridge of Kozjak.

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