Dinara with the summit Sinjal (1831 m/asl) is the highest mountain in Croatia. Although it isn`t the highest mountain of Dinaric Alps, Dinara has become a symbol of the highest mountain range on the Balkan Peninsula and gave him his name.

It is believed that it was named after the Illyrian tribe Dindari, who were living on the east side of the mountain. Summit Sinjal is named after the geodetic marking on the top (signal).

Dinara is still quite a wild mountain where you can found all kinds of animals such as wolves, foxes, jackals, weasels, marten, bear, lynx, wild boar, wild goats, roe deer. And in flight, you can see grouse, partridges, eagles, and falcons.

The summit is marked with a geodetic pillar on which now stands “1831 Top of Croatia”. There is a box of registration bellow the pillar. Next to that, in a large stone still stands “SINJAL 1831,” because this was the name of the top not long ago. The mountaineering stamp is in the stone beside the geodetic pillar. There is also a huge metal cross on the nearby hill.

From the top you can see in all directions, northeast to Troglav and Konj, southeast to Peruča lake, south to Kijevski Kozjak and Svilaja, and west to Promina. To visit the highest peak of Croatia is a special emotional experience for each Croatian mountaineer.

From: planinarenje.hr

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