Top of the peak Troglav is a small curved plateau which is marked by a geodetic pillar as a constant measuring point, on which is written the name and the elevation of the top. A few meters below to the south there is a mountaineering stamp.

Mountain Troglav as a massif is 30 km long and 10 km wide. It is a border area between Croatia and Bosnia, also a connection of mountain Dinara and Kamešnica. It is only 2 km away from the Croatian border and 22 km from the village Uništa.

Troglav is, as its name suggests (Troglav=three headed), the mountain range, which consists of three peaks or three heads (Mali Troglav (Small) 1661 m, Srednji Troglav (Medium) 1790 m and Veliki Troglav (Large Troglav) 1913 m), while some in its name find the mark of pre-Christian beliefs and Slavic mythology.

Considering its height, the highest top provides unforgettable and wonderful viewpoints in all directions, and if the day is sunny and crystal clear, everything seems within reach. You can see clearly Dinara, Promina, Kijevski bat, Cetinsko and Livanjsko polje, Peruća lake and Kamešnica. Also, the view on the slopes of scree and grassy plains leaves particularly impressive images.

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