Svilaja peaks

Svilaja is the mountain located in Dalmatinska Zagora (Dalmatia), parallel to a higher northern mountain range Dinara – Troglav. It extends 30 kilometers in a northwest-southeast direction between town of Sinj and Petrovo polje. Bat is the highest southern mountaintop of Svilaja, located above Sinj. On the north of Svilaja you can also find several important mountaintops – Jančak (1483m), Kita (1413m), Turjača (1340m), Mala Svilaja (1427m) and Lisina (1301m) located above town of Vrlika.

Mountain ridge Veliki Kozjak (1207m) is the northern extension of mountain Svilaja, which is separated from the same by a mountan pass Lemeš (860m), located above the village Maovice.


The largest part of mountain ridge Svilaja is karst ridge with alternating series of peaks and sinkholes. Also there are more than several karst pits and caves. The steep northeast slopes of the mountain above river Cetina are covered mostly with beech and Balkan maple (acer obusatum) forests, which have recently been destroyed in fires. Dry and reclined southwest slopes of the mountan, towards town of Drniš, are mosaically covered with shrubs of black hornbeam (ostrya carpinifolia) and with low rocky grasslands for pasture.

Poorly researched

Mountain Svilaja is amongst Croatian mountains which are poorly researched. Better explored parts of the mountain are the higher most southern part along with the main mountaintop. The largest part, middle and north of mountain Svilaja, remained unresearched and unknow to mountaineeers and explorers, except for local shepherds from surrounding settlements. The middle part of mountain Svilaja, between the town of Vrlika and village of Siverić, still remains unclean from land mines (from Croatian civil war), while the ascent to the main mountaintop is safe from south direction, from the village of Sinjsko Zelovo.
Southeast from the main mountaintop, besides the peak Orlove stine (1139m), an mountain hut was built and called same as the peak, Orlove stine. (from:

Mountain top

The mountain top is marked by geodesic pole with prominent inscription of the top and altitude. Not far from the top there is an mountaineeiring stamp engraved in the rock.
From the top you have the most magnificent view on the lake of Peruća and the whole area of Sinj.


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